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evhorse為香港首個專業賽馬資訊及即時賠率 iPad 應用程式 (繁體中文及英文版本)

香港首個本地賽馬資訊 iPad 應用程式, 為用戶在行動裝置上提供專業賽馬資訊*。

evhorse 應用程式功能:
- 賽事排位表(連即時獨贏/位置賠率)
- 賽事排位表手寫筆記功能
- 賠率監測功能
- 十大連贏/位置Q投注金額監測 (分析賠率變動,以顯示出十大組合每注投注金額,使用戶可於最短時間清楚了解連贏/位置Q投注金額所在)
- 連贏/位置Q即時賠率 (落飛提示)
- 獨贏/位置即時賠率 (獨贏賠率分段時間走勢)


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evhorse App is the 1st Hong Kong horse racing information iPad App (available in English and Traditional Chinese language).

The Hong Kong 1st horse racing information App available for portable devices. Users can access to horse racing information anytime and anywhere in Hong Kong.

Functions on evhorse App:
- Race Card Listing (with Win and Place Odds)
- Race Card Listing (with drawing pad function for note taking)
- Odds Monitoring and Analysis
- Top Quinella / Quinella Place Bet Monitoring in dollar value (Analyse the changes on the odds,it returns the estimated dollar value of each Q/QP bet combination,users will get a clear picture on the amount of betting dollar value)
- Real time Odds - Quinella / Quinella Place (Including Odds Drop Alert Function)
- Real time Odds - Win / Place (Including Progressive Win Odds Table)
- Real time Results and Dividend**

*Hong Kong race only, oversea races not available
**Not included First 4 / Jockey Challenge

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